Pic shows: One of the trains captured by photographer Wang Wei during his trip. An extraordinary photographer has amassed a unique collection of more than 300,000 photos of the vast Chinese rail network. Wang Wei,25, has spent 10 years building up his collection spending months away from home, defying frostbite and attacks by deadly snakes and wolves. He has taken his incredible pictures during the day, at night, in the winter, during the summer months and precariously perched on the side of mountains. So far he has travelled an astonishing 300,000 kilometers to capture the essence and the beauty of the Chinese railways, the second largest network in the world behind the United States. He says:" "Chinese officials have seldom promoted the beauty of the railway and trains. They have never taken pictures of what I've been taken. "Instead, they take photos of leaders delivering a speech, cutting ribbons. "I feel the railway belongs to each of us, everyone has the responsibility to promote it if they love it." Dedicated Wang started taking pictures of trains from his bedroom window at home in Beijing and his hobby quickly turned into an all consuming passion and obsession. Against his parents wishes, he shunned university to capture pictures never seen before and he has now just published two successful books of his trips. He is arguably the most passionate railway fan in the world and he has turned into a mini-celebrity featuring on TV shows across the globe. He uses a Nikon D 800 and a 28-300 lens to capture his subjects and among his favourites are the old steam locomotives which still chug around the 120,000 k of Chinese tracks. He says he is pleased more and more people are getting to know his work and learning about the history of China’s railways. (ends)

Најневеројатни возови во кои сакаме да се возиме

Патување со воз е најудобно и најзабавно патување, особено ако се работи за еден од овие возови. Иако овие елитни возови ретко кој од нас може да си ги приушти. Некои од овие возови возат само еднаш годишно, а патот знае да трае со месеци.

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